Ibutho Coal’s mission is to develop and commercially exploit coal mineral resources for the benefit of our shareholders and stakeholders in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner


What drives Ibutho Coal?


  • Socio-economic transformation
  • Sustainable community development
  • Enhancement of shareholder value
  • Responsible prospecting and mining practices
  • Community partnership



Salient project milestones


  • Prospecting commenced in 2009
  • The Department of Mineral Resources issued a three-year Prospecting Right Renewal in December 2012
  • Ibutho Coal completed all geological prospecting (ground mapping, aerial geophysical survey and core drilling)
  • Ibutho Coal completed all concept and feasibility studies and identified an extractable anthracite resource of 40 million tonnes
  • Ibutho Coal started the mining right application process in August 2013



How does this project support government’s long-term vision for economic growth?


According to the KwaZulu-Natal Planning Commission’s Vision 2030, KwaZulu-Natal will be a prosperous province with a healthy, secure and skilled population acting as a gateway to Africa and the world. Ibutho Coal works closely with provincial government structures to make sure that our proposed mining activities complement the long-term vision of the Planning Commission. The Commission developed specific strategic goals and Ibutho Coal committed and aligned Fuleni to these

  • Job creation
  • Human resource development
  • Human and community development
  • Strategic infrastructure
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Governance and policy
  • Spatial Equity



Know your rights in this processThe communities around the Fuleni Anthracite Mine have very specific rights. In summary, these rights include the following:


  • I have the right to regular, clear information
  • I have the right to open and transparent communication with Ibutho Coal
  • I have the right to talk to Ibutho Coal directly about my concerns
  • I have the right to fair and proper compensation
  • I have the right to oppose the project



Ibutho Coal proposes the development of the Fuleni  Anthracite Mine (Fuleni), 45 km northwest of Richards Bay


Fuleni will produce low sulphur anthracite, mainly from open cast operations over a  30-year life of mine, as follows:


  • 500 000 tonnes per annum anthracite coal for domestic use and export through the Port of Richards Bay
  • 200 000 tonnes per annum thermal coal for local use


The mine will develop local infrastructure such as:


  • A coal processing plant
  • Stockpiles for topsoil, overburden and discard coal
  • Water management infrastructure
  • A raw water storage dam and distribution systems
  • Access roads to the mine
  • Workshops, stores, offices and security houses
  • An underground mine



The next steps for Ibutho Coal


  • Complete the independent social survey
  • Complete the independent heritage survey
  • Complete the independent environmental impact assessment and public participation process
  • Finalise the social and labour plan through ongoing engagement
  • Obtain all relevant regulatory approvals
  • Complete final designs, start building the mine and its associated infrastructure
  • Continue positive engagement end relationships with all stakeholders
  • Start mining and add value to community


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