+ The project started in 2009 why is it taking so long to develop the mine?

+ Who gave permission for the company to Prospect on the land?

+ When will the mine start?

+ Has the Umfolozi Municipality been consulted?

+ Will the community need to be relocated and how will we be compensated?

+ Will the mine lease the land?

+ Will the noise and dust from the mine affect our houses and our schools?

+ How will employment work? Will you import people from outside or employ local people?

+ How many people will be employed?

+ Will there be procurement opportunities?

+ Will your trucks be driving on our roads? Will some of our roads be destroyed?

+ Will blasting be done?

+ How many people will be employed?

+ If our houses get damaged from blasting in the Mine how will the mine address the issue?

+ How will SLP projects be selected?

+ Will you impact on our crop fields and grazing land? How will this be handled?

+ Will there be any more drilling or physical work onsite?

+ Why should we give permission for specialists to conduct work on our land?

+ Will our graves be impacted?

+ Where will you find alternative grazing land?

+ How will our health be impacted? What will the mine do about this?

+ How will we benefit from the mine?

+ Who owns the mining company

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